French Version of new Human Rights at Sea Arbitration White Paper Published

Press Release

10 May 2020

London. UK / Paris. France. Following the joint launch by Human Rights at Sea and Shearman & Sterling LLP of the inaugural White Paper: ‘Arbitration as a Means of Effective Remedy for Human Rights Abuses at Sea’ on 24 March, today, the document is published in French to expand global coverage of the project.

L’arbitrage comme mécanisme permettant d’obtenir une réparation effective pour la violation des droits humains en mer‘ reflects the English version and minor updates to the proposed flow-diagram of the outlined victim-led process whereby an individual rights holder who has been subject to abuse may consider an alternative voluntary path to effective remedy.

The project is part of the charity’s efforts to develop more effective human rights protection for seafarers, fishers, migrants, refugees and other potential victims.

The concept will be developed in subsequent stages, including through the circulation of draft model offers of consent, draft model arbitration agreements and draft arbitration rules.

The introduction and concept of the White Paper was published on 5 May 2020 in the Global Arbitration Review (Paywall).

Arbitration White Paper v1 (French)
Arbitration White Paper v1 (French)
Global Arbitration Review Article
Global Arbitration Review Article

With permission to reproduce, download the Global Arbitration Review article (5 May 2020) covering the issuance of the HRAS and Shearman & Sterling LLP White Paper edited by Cosmo Sanderson.

GAR – The International Journal of Commercial and Treaty Arbitration. Article link HERE [Paywall].


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